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Traveling in Thailand is an opportunity to discover a spectacular range of landscapes, so deciding how you will travel around our country can be as important as choosing where you want to go.

thailand travel information

Travel in Thailand is very convenient; the Thailand transportation infrastructure is modern and well-organized, and exploring the country is a very straightforward experience. Whether your Thailand travel preference is air, rail, bus, road, or water, most modes of Thailand transportation are use to catering to foreign visitors and have frequent departures. Consequently it’s easy to move about the country or explore sights around particular destinations. The inland cities and coastal resorts are well connected to each other, so when you travel in Thailand you can spend a few days in Bangkok, a few more at the beach, and still visit Chiang Mai or Ayutthaya alternatively traveling via bus, boat, train, or plane to get from A to B to C. Bookings and reservations for travel in Thailand should be done in advance as even in the “low season” many Thai people holiday in their own country and transportation is often booked well in advance. Nonetheless, when you travel in Thailand, there are always options for travelers, even at the last minute, particularly as departures of busses, planes, and trains are very frequent. When you travel in Thailand you can select from many domestic air carriers that service a majority of Thailand’s large provincial cities; local trains that connect Bangkok to all regions of the country; and long distance coaches that connect all major cities.

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