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Some may be disappointed by their first impressions on the way into town - endless high rise buildings, busy expressway flyovers and billboards of western companies advertising in English. Yet while Bangkok has undoubtedly embraced westernization and modernization, you only need to look a little under the surface to see that it remains undeniably a Thai place at heart. In between the skyscrapers and sophisticated shopping centers there's still the remarkable Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Dawn and many more. Traditions live on too: don't be surprised, for example, to find a large dedicated spirit house built for good luck alongside almost every major building, or to see files of Buddhist monks making their early morning alms round - and it's surely one of the only major cities in the world where seeing an elephant paraded round the streets hardly even ranks as being unusual.

Combine to make the traffic jams and pollution that Bangkok is justifiably world famous for. The seemingly permanent rot dtit (traffic jam) is a fact of life in Bangkok, and makes simple journeys that should take 20 minutes end up over an hour, even out of rush hour. The relatively small number of roads, the annual floods in September and October, and the hundreds of new cars flooding on to the roads every day don't help matters much either. However, Bangkok's impressive skytrain and new subway facilities combined now cover much of areas of the city a visitor is likely to go to and provide a convenient way to bypass them. The combined effect of the traffic, heat, humidity, noise, dirt, pollution and the unappealing look of the city makes some want to leave Bangkok almost as soon as they've arrived. Though this is understandable to an extent, Bangkok has a lot to offer those who persevere.

Shopping is also good value, with a huge variety of goods sold everywhere from street market stalls to upmarket in shopping centers. Shops are open every day, generally until around 9 or 10pm, which is convenient and makes it easy to get what you want, when you want it. It's a great city for nightlife too, with an massive selection of pubs, bars and nightclubs, along with the famous adult-orientated entertainment. Bangkok also benefits from being, arguably, one of South East Asia's two most important cities (with Singapore). If there's an international cultural or social event going on in the region, chances are it's coming to Bangkok too.

Bangkok Attractions are divided into the following 10 sections. The names of some attractions may appear in more than one section but with the same data.
1 Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) This is the most famous place that is a must for all tourists. It is a large compound located near Sanam Luang in the very heart of Bangkok. The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha were built after King Rama I ascended the throne as the founder of the Chakri Dynasty on 6 April 1782 and have undergone several repairs and renovations.
2 Wat (Buddhist Temples)
3 Other Places of Worship
4 Cultural Attractions
5 Nearby Attractions
6 Floating Markets / Rivers & Canals Trips
7 View Points
8 Zoos
9 Walking Tours
10 Trolleybus around Rattanakosin Island


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