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Pattaya is a popular tourist resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, located 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Pattaya is most famous for its go-go and beer bars, but local authorities has made efforts to provide more family-friendly attractions and activities, and specialist conference and golfing facilities. Although the sex industry is still going strong in Pattaya, the resort also attracts local families and holidaymakers from far and wide. Efforts by the local authorities over the past few years have improved the quality of the beaches, but they are still lacklustre by Thailand's high standards, and over-development has long since destroyed some of the natural charms the area once had. However, the plethora of hotels and guest houses, and easy access from the capital and airport, make it a popular weekend getaway. Catering for over five million tourists yearly, Pattaya is also able to offer an excellent range of eating choices and a wide variety of things to do and see. Its population is a colorful mix of nationalities and ethnicities from near and far.

For sun lovers and water sport fans, Pattaya's sunny climate provides ideal conditions for swimming and all other imaginable water activities, including boat sailing, speed-boathing, jet-skiing etc. The adjoining beaches of Pattaya city, from Naklua bay to Wong Phrachan (Crescent Moon) and Wong Amat beaches in the north down to Jomtien Beach in the south, cover a total length of about 15km. Only the area of Pattaya Bay called Pattaya Beach (length 3km) plays an important role in tourist aspect.


Pattaya's name originated from the march of Phraya Tak (later King Taksin) and his followers from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi just before the fall of the former capital to the Burmese invaders in 1767.

When Phraya Tak's army arrived at the vicinity of what is today's Pattaya, he encountered the troops of Nai Klom who tried to intercept him. But when the two leaders met face to face, Nai Klom was awed by Phraya Tak's dignified manner and his army's strict discipline. And he surrendered without a fight. The place the two armies confronted each other, was later called Thap Phraya, which means the Army of the Phraya. This was changed to Phatthaya, which happens to mean the wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast at the beginning of the rainy season. Today the spelling of the name has been simplified to Pattaya.

For the past centuries, Pattaya was a small fishing village almost cut off from the outside world. But a big change occurred on 29 April 1961 when the first group of about 100 American servicemen who would join the Vietnam War arrived in Pattaya for relaxation. Soon, the sleepy Pattaya became Thailand's premier and most successful beach resort which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure-seeking visitors. Fishermen's huts along the beach were replaced by a full range of accommodations from super deluxe hotels to bungalows and mini-pocket guesthouses. Fishing vessels were adapted to become tourist boats. And the quiet powdery golden beaches are frequented by swimmers and sunbathers from various parts of the world. Places of nighttime entertainment have also sprung up and are popular among international tourists.



Pattaya city is located on the eastern coast of the country at latitude 13° N and longitude 101° E in the area of Chon Buri province. It is 147 km. from Bangkok. It lies parallel to Sukhumwit Road on its east and the coastline on its west.

Pattaya occupies an area of 208.1 sq. km. that is divided into 53.44 sq. km. of land and 154.66 sq. km. of islands and sea. Its coastline is 15 km. long.

The climate of Pattaya can be divided into 3 periods: cool to warm (from November to February), hot and humid (from March to May), and hot and rainy (from June to October).

Pattaya has a plain on the coast with some high mountains on its south. The area on the east slopes down toward the sea on the west.

The total population is 104,318 (end April 2007) with 49,386 males and 54,932 females. They consist of Thai-Buddhist, 80%; Muslim, 16%; Christian, 2%; and others, 2%.

"The total population includes only permanent residents."

Pattaya city has been administered under a special autonomous system since 1978. It has a status comparable to a municipality and is separately administered by the mayor of Pattaya city who is responsible for making policies, organizing public services, and supervising all employees of Pattaya city administration.

Standard Thai language. English is widely used.

90% of labour in Pattaya work in tourism that is the highlight of Pattaya. Tourist attractions including land and marine destinations, and nighttime entertainment. There are no native products.
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