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Despite the recent dramas and political infighting, overall Thailand remains a very friendly, reasonably safe place to travel in. Prices are low -- even for luxury hotels you get a tremendous bang for your baht in Thailand. Try to get off the tourist trail if time affords -- the countryside, old style Thailand, remains it's biggest drawcard.

Thailand has been a budget traveller's paradise, and over the last few years, there's been an increasing surge in luxurious options throughout the country. So be you a budget traveller looking for the cheapest room in town or a flashpacker gliding in for a touch of pampering, there's bound to be something to satisfy your needs. While the majority of the luxury spots are found in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Thai islands, budget guesthouses and cheap hotels can be found throughout the country from just about every mid-sized Thai town to in the middle of nowhere hidden away spots.

Under 100B: Gets you a dorm room with a fan or a very grotty single room with a smelly mattress, noisy fan and share bathroom. The sheets, if there are any, will only be changed when you leave. Expect thin walls and dreary drapes and plan on spending as much time as possible outside.

100B-450B: Gets you a typical budget room. The higher end of this range should get you a room including your own bathroom that will be moderately clean. The room will be big enough for a clean bed with sheets, and a couple of bags, plus maybe a chair or two. It may have either a large ceiling fan or a small desktop one.

450B-800B: Gets you a decent fan or basic air-con room, which should be clean and well kept and include a good bathroom. Your bed will have a clean mattress and sheets. Generally larger than the lower price range, these rooms often have a desk and chair. You might even get something tasteful.

800B-1,500B: Gets you a spotless room with reliable air-con, a comfortable bed and a clean, well-equipped bathroom. The room will be spacious and may have a few extras such as a bar fridge and TV with limited cable.

1,500B+: As the price rises from here, expect more extras, such as TV with full cable, DVD player, a mini-bar, balcony, breakfast and so on.

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Thailand Travel Information

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